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Lovely Park Ball Play Activity Gym Play Mat 5-in-1 


This Lovely Park play mat is a multifunctional 5-in-1 activity mat. It grows with your baby.


The mat’s edges can be raised so that your child is safe and secure.


Create a ball pit with the 6 included balls. Because of the raised edges, the balls remain in the play cloth, you can store them in the storage bag on the side of the rug. Between two arcs is mesh fabric with openings, where the balls can be pushed in and out.


If you fold the edges down, you get a larger play cloth with more freedom of movement.

With the detachable play arcs a baby gym can be created and with the five toys attached to the playing arcs different senses are stimulated.

Lovely Park Ball Play Activity Gym Play Mat 5-in-1

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