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Many babies suffer from so-called 3-month colic after birth. In the first few months, however, colic is often a major burden for later too. The child cries in spite of a fresh diaper and sufficient food. Sleep is also restless or constantly interrupted.


Colic results from an immature digestive system. Flatulence and cramped abdominal muscles lead to severe pain.


The Baby Wellbeing Thermo Belt plus works in two ways. The well-dosed and precisely placed heat relaxes the digestive tract and the abdominal muscles.  Pressure of the belt helps against flatulence and simulates the stomach.


Since babies should not be placed on their stomachs, the thermal belt is a good alternative here. The belt stays in place and the child can still be carried or laid down.


What you will get: 

1x thermal belt plus

1x click pack

1x heat pack

1x detailed instructions for use in English

Babywohl Baby Wellbeing Thermo Belt

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