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Our lilac gray romper has a star white trim, a #happy print on the front and a BiNKi label on the left arm for your little one to discover.
Our long sleeve rompers make it easy to dress your baby or the change a diaper. Our new fastener is attached on the bottom of the romper. Just put the fabric on top of each other neatly and you are done! There are no metal parts in this garment, which makes it soft and comfortable for your baby. Next to that our short sleeve romper is GOTS-certified, meaning that it is made from organic cotton, no harmful chemicals are used and the garment is made under fair working conditions. When washing this romper, please close the fastener. This will prevent lint and fluff getting stuck on the fabric. Should you forget this you can easily remove lint and fluff with a lint roller. 

Long sleeve romper lilac grey

SKU: B008
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