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The climbing paradise for living room and children's room.


The climbing toy from tiSsi® is more than just a toy. It is a developmental space based on the principles of Pikler pedagogy that provides children with a safe environment for physical and mental development.


Why the tiSsi® climbing toy?

  • Versatile movement: From climbing to sliding - the tiSsi® equipment promotes important motor skills and prepares for everyday movements such as climbing stairs.
  • Adaptable and expandable: The slide/cloud ladder and climbing arch are perfect additions to the Pikler triangle and offer numerous combination possibilities.


Specifications and customizability

  • Adjustable slide: Change the angle of the slide for different speeds and challenges.
  • Rung suspension on both sides: The slide/cloud ladder can serve as a connecting element between the Pikler triangle and the climbing arch.


Safety and quality

  • Tested materials: no use of polluting substances, because your child's safety is our top priority.

Tissi Climbling Set

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