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This beautiful wooden numbers puzzle board helps not only hand-eye coordination but fmakes learning numbers more fun. Benefits of this puzzle go beyond just numbers as you can even use the board for sensory activities.

100 % Handmade

Every stage of our toy, including cutting, sanding and painting, is handcrafted.

At the same time, our toy can be used for decoration purposes in baby rooms.

Since our wooden toys are handmade, there may be slight differences with the visual (color differences, tree knots, etc.)

MATERIAL: linden and walnut tree, voc free N71-3 toy paint, N71-3 toy varnish.

When cleaning our toy, wipe it with a cloth moistened with apple cider vinegar and dry it.
Please do not put our toys in the dishwasher.
Do not keep our toys in water and direct sunlight.

Wooden numbers puzzle board

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