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This Shapes Stand in muted colors will help in Hand-eye coordination, they will learn to identify shapes , learn the names of the shapes, but also their characteristics such as what they feel like and how many sides they have. It will help set goal and determination that a child has to fit the shapes in the stand. your child will learn how to try solve problems in different ways by putting the shapes according to their shapes or colors and try different strategies.

3 + years up

Our toy is 100 % handmade of beech and pine wood. It consists of 17 pieces.

Every stage of our toy, including cutting, sanding and painting, is handcrafted.

Since our wooden toys are handmade, there may be slight differences with the visual (color differences, tree knots, etc.)

MATERIAL: Beech wood and pine for the stand, voc free N71-3 toy paints.

When cleaning our toy, wipe it with a cloth moistened with apple cider vinegar and dry it. 

Wooden Shapes Stand

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