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Baby Beach Essentials

It is all very overwhelming when you decide to go with your baby to the beach for the very first time. What should I take? Did I forget something? Did I take enough? Do not worry because here at The Organic Kid we have got you covered. We have designed a checklist for you and your little one, for all to have a hassle-free day at the beach/seaside or at the pool. Check out the following list so that you don't forget anything next time you go to the beach/pool/seaside:

1. Reusable Swim Diapers

These have to be a staple in your beach bag. If you are going to the beach/pool/seaside for a full day, take more than one with you. Reusable swim diapers, such as our Snap Reusable Absorbent Swim Diaper, are breathable, absorbent, and waterproof. Say goodbye to any unwanted messes.They are also thin enough to be used under a swimsuit or swimming trunks.

2. Baby Swim Hat

It is essential to take with you a hat for your baby to protect him/her from the scorching sun. It is important that the hat is fitted to the baby's head, to avoid it coming off. Hence, hats with strings and an adjustable toggle are ideal. Check out our Bucket Sun Protection Hat or Flap Sun Protection Hat.

3. Baby Swimsuit

A baby swimsuit can come in different forms. Whichever form it takes, just do not forget it at home. Some parents like to bring their baby to the beach/pool/seaside ready in their swimsuits as this could facilitate matters upon arrival.

4. Suncream

We definately need to protect our little ones from the harmful sun rays. Buy a suitable suncream for kids, preferably with a very high SPF. Take with you also other creams you deem necessary such as creams that protect your babies from mosquito bites.

5. Reusable Water Bottle

Keeping your little one hydrated is key. So, do not forget to take lots of water with you. Avoid using single use plastic and instead use reusable water bottles, such as our Sip and Straw Cup or our Straw Bottle. Teach your little ones at a young age to carry a bottle with them wherever they go. Good habits have to start as early as possible!

6. Food

If you are going to spend quite a long time at the beach/pool/seaside, you would need to take some food with you to feed your little bundle of joy. Your baby might still be drinking only milk, in which case just do not forget to take with you the powdered milk and the necessary hot water. Breast-fed children require less preparation, I guess! If, however, your little one is weaning, then take something which does not require any heating up. It would be great to take it in a cooler.

7. Snacks

It is always great to have snacks handy for when all the grumbling begins. Take with you healthy nibbles or fruit, preferably in Reusable Insulated Bags which are great for the environment and take less space in your bag then the normal containers.

8. Water toys

Your kiddo needs to be entertained so make sure you do not forget some water toys which could keep the little ones busy for hours. It is important that the toys are multi-purpose, compact and safe for those tiny hands. Good examples could be our floating boats or stacking cups.

9. Bibs

Don't forget to take a bib or two for when your little ones are eating. These save you from having a mess your little ones' swimwear. Waterproof and foldable ones are great hassle free options. Check out our Snap + Go Easy-wear Bibs which could be life-savers!

10. Utensils

If your baby is weaning, then you would need a spoon and/or fork. Have a little fork and spoon travelling set for when you are on the go.


A towel poncho or a hooded-towel are must-haves when it comes to taking kids at the beach/pool/seaside. These are pratical items that one needs to invest in. Try to find organic cotton options which are great for your little ones' skin.

12. Swimming aid

Whether this is tyre or life jacket, do not forget it at home because you will have alot of anxiety that something will happen to your bundle of joy.

13. Umbrella

We need to protect our precious little ones from the harmful sun rays. Even if your kids are wearing a full swimsuit and sun block, take with you a beach umbrella to offer them some extra protection.


Kids not only look dapper in sunnies (especially if they are wearing our Babymocs matching ones) but the latter also protect their eyes from the reflections of the sun rays.

15. Wipes

This is an obvious one because where can you go without wipes when you have a baby?

16. Wetbag

This is a God sent! It can be used for dirty reusable diapers, wet swimsuits, wet swimming shoes or sandles. Avoid any wet messes after you are ready from your day of fun.

17. Swimming shoes

These are required when your baby starts to walk. This avoids them from having a slipping accident.

18. Sandles

It is important to find sandles which are easily wipped so that you do not need to stay frustrating yourself when you are ready to go home.

19. Muslin cloths

Babies tend to want to have a nap at the beach. An organic muslin cloth can be used to help them sleep and to cover them from any flies which might be around.

20. Reusable nappies

When you are ready to go home after a day of fun, change your little one from their reusable swimming diaper into a reusable nappy.

21. Changing outfit

It is essential to change your little one from their wet swimsuit to a dry change of clothes. Keep protecting your kiddos even with dry clothes. Anti-UV t-shirts are ideal for summer.

There you have it! Don't stress - just follow our little guide here for a hassle-free day at the beach/pool/seaside with your precious ones.

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