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Christmas Stocking Ideas for your Little Elf

Many parents have been asking about small gifts which could be inserted in their little elf's Christmas Stocking. Here are some great ideas of what can be included. All 20 items are under 20 euro, making them budget-friendly:

1. Stacking cups

Our stacking cups are compact in size and made of plants! There are so many activities that your little one can do with them, which could increase their learning abilities including their fine motor skills. Watch out for our socials for ideas.

2. Floating boats

Floating boats are a great way to add some fun to any bath. Our floating boats are made from plants and could be used for such a long time.

3. Knitted Hat

For the winter time, a knitted hat is a must. So why not include it in your little one's stocking?

4. Socks and bed slippers

Socks are always needed so make sure to add this useful item in the stocking of your precious one. Our non-slip ones are ideal for kiddos that such started taking their first steps. Bed slippers could also be an alternative to including socks.

5. Tights

Another winter must-have is tights. For those little crawlers, make sure you buy tights which have knee-paddings and have non-slip footies. Organic tights with braces are not only great for the environment but so stylish. The vintage look surely goes well with the festive theme.

6. Cutlery

A little cutlery set could encourage your child to be more independent and enjoy their meals even more.

7. Bibs

Choose from long-sleeved bibs to short sleeved bibs, all of which are ideal for meal time or for crafts. Colourful bibs could definitely lighten up meal time for any fussy eater.

8. Bowl and spoon set

A little bowl and spoon set will not only be a great addition to any stocking, but will also be a useful gift, which your little one could get so much from.

9. Beaker

Encourage your little one to start drinking from a sippy cup by slipping it into their Christmas stocking, in order to arouse their curiosity about it.

10. Rattle

An infinity rattle could be full of different textures and colours will be surely a great sensory addition to your little one's stocking.

11. Teether

If your little one is still in the teething phase, then go ahead and add some new teethers to their collection. We offer a great selection of teethers, including wooden ones.

12. Toothbrush

Encourage your little ones to brush their teeth by gifting them a cool toothbrush. We have a huge selection of budget- and eco-friendly toothbrushes, such as one which is banana-shaped or the learning toothbrush, perfect for those little hands.

13. Bath scrub

Who doesn't like a new bath scrub? Your little one will surely appreciate our yellow duck bath scrub.

14. Book

Whether it is a regular book or a bath book, this will surely help our little one in developing their imagination.

15. Bottle

Encourage your little one to drink water from reusable bottles with our colourful butterfly, whale or frog bottle.

16. Hair bands and hair ties

Hair bands and hair ties are a must in every little girl's wardrobe. Our range of organic hair bands and matching hair ties is just too cute.

17. Dummy holder

If your little one is still a fan of the dummy/pacifier, then dummy holder could be a great addition to his/her stocking.

18. Brush and comb

Our sustainable brush and comb set is just the perfect addition to any stocking for a baby/toddler.

19. A small doll or soft toy

Add a little something that your little one could cuddle with on Christmas Eve such as our adorable tutu dolls.

20. Reusable Snack bags or snacking cup with Sweets

Put some healthy organic sweets in our reusable colourful snack bags or snacking cup to complete your little elf's stocking.

There you have it - a guide to filling a stocking to your little one's heart desires!

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