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Breastfeeding essentials

Every mother has to make the decision of whether she will be breastfeeding her little one when the latter comes into the world. Whilst being highly rewarding, breastfeeding can be a challenge for even the mothers who have passed through it several times, yet alone for a new mother. We have teamed up with Slinky and Co. and Multi-Mam Malta to bring you a little list of the essential items which are required to breastfeed your little one:

For Mama:

i. Nursing bras

This is one of the most obvious things that every mama needs. However, it is not so easy to find good, comfortable and most importantly, nursing bras that make you feel good about yourself. The range offered at Slinky and Co. includes contemporary, provocative and fashion-forward styling premium product with a philosophy to celebrate and empower women with a fresh, creative approach for sassy mamas. There are different types of nursing bras, such as the wire-free bras and the flexi-wired bras, ideal for pre-pregnancy days.

It is to be stressed that an incorrectly fitting bra can cause premature sagging and/or ligament damage. So, make sure you pick the right size to give yourself the right support and comfort. This is especially so for all you mamas with bigger tatas. The bras offered at Slinky and Co. can up to cup size G and therefore, it is always advisable to reach out to them to ensure that you go for the correct size.

ii. Nursing Camisoles

Nursing Camisoles are for when you are lounging at home as they give the female body a delicate and elegant look when not wearing a bra while still giving you the freedom to nurse or pump comfortably and in style. These can be worn as tops when you are out and about juggling your little one and those annoying errands since they are super stylish and very practical. These come in different colours, and thus, you have the option to mix and match with your favourite pants. In addition, during winter, these could be worn layered so that your back is never exposed to the cold whilst breastfeeding.

iii. Nursing pads

Make sure that you get Bamboo Nursing Pads which are washable and reusable. These are not only good for the environment, but first and foremost, they are great as they do not cause allergies and rashes. Bamboo nursing pads are made from bamboo fibre with the ability to thermo-regulate so that they will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  These are specially designed using hypoallergenic material and are more absorbent than those made out of cotton. As a result, these special pads are ultra-soft on your skin.

iv. Breast Pump machine

This is potentially your best friend during the period when you are breastfeeding. There have manual and electric breastfeeding pump machines. These vary in terms of budget but all have the same benefits. By pumping milk, mothers can control the timing of feedings. You can decide a schedule that works for you and pump when necessary on that schedule. Furthermore, it allows you to share the feeding of the baby with your partner as breastfeeding on demand can be very exhausting. Pumping breast milk could also be a way to address breast milk supply issues.

v. Nursing pillow

Although this is not everyone’s cup of tea, we found a nursing pillow very useful, especially in the early day of breastfeeding. A nursing pillow wraps around your body whilst rests on your lap, providing a stable and comfy surface to position your newborn at the breast. This helps to reduce neck, arm and back strain for you, making nursing more enjoyable.

vi. Cover ups

Whilst we don’t think cover ups are really necessary as breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, some women prefer a bit more privacy whilst breastfeeding and thus, opt to have a cover up when they are breastfeeding out and about. Alternatively, you can use organic face cloths.

vii. Care products for sore nipples

These will definitely be your saviours when your nipples start getting sore or crack up. Make sure you buy these in advance from your local pharmacy. Choose ones made out of natural ingredients such as Multi-Mam Balm and Multi-Mam Compresses. Multi-Mam Balm is ideal for protecting nipples from drying and cracking and should be applied in the last month of pregnancy to prevent the nipples from cracking and throughout the breastfeeding period. The Balm replaces and supplements natural skin fat, keeping the nipples in good condition in preparation for feeding. The Multi-Mam Compresses treat breastfeeding discomforts such as nipple pain, swelling, sensitivity and cracked nipples with a direct soothing and cooling effect. The bio active gel on the pad heals the cracks and prevents infection and supports the natural healing process. Neither of the two products need to be wiped off prior to breastfeeding as they are safe for both mother and child P.S. breastmilk could also be used to help with the cracked and sore nipples.

For Baby:

1. Burp cloths

Generally, breastfed babies burp less than bottle-fed ones. This is because they swallow less air. You can often tell that a baby needs to be burped if he or she is squirmy or pulling away while being fed. After each feed, gently stroke their back to help them put out the air that they have swallowed. This is best done in an upright position and by using a burping cloth, to avoid unnecessary messes. Use organic muslin burp cloths, which is hypoallergenic to safeguard against irritation and discomfort.

2. Face cloths

Choose face cloths which are made from organic cotton muslin. These reusable baby wipes are ideal to save resources and reduce waste. These are processed without harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde or azo dyes, to ensure purity and safety for baby’s delicate skin. These could also be used as cover ups by twisting on of the face cloths’ corners in your brap strap. You do not necessarily need to cover the baby’s face.

3. Bibs

Organic cotton muslin baby bibs offer absorbent protection from sniffles, drips, and drools to keep baby dry and comfortable. Breastmilk could easily drop under the neck of your baby, causing an irritated area. Organic cotton muslin baby bibs are made from material which is grown with non-GMO seeds and processed without harsh chemicals for purity and safety against baby’s delicate skin. Such baby bibs grow softer and become more textured for better absorbency with every wash. Choose bibs which have an adjustable snap closure, as these allow for the perfect fit and to grow with baby.

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