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Packing to Travel with a Baby

When I had to travel with a two-month old baby to two countries in the middle of a pandemic, I thought it was going to be mission impossible. Turns out it was much easier than I anticipated with a little help from my "Packing to Travel with a Baby" checklist which I refined over multiple travels. Check it out:

1. Outfits

This is the main question in every mamas mind. How many clothes should I take? Which clothes should I take? I would say that as a rule of thumb, pack two outfits for everyday you are away. This, however, depends on where you will be staying. If you are somewhere where you can use a washing machine, then you can even take less. Take clothes which are easy to wear to your baby when you are the go such as rompers with easy fastners and mix and match items.

2. Baby hat

You have to either take a beanie with you or a hat that protects your little one from the sun. This depends which season you are travelling in. If travelling in summer, I would say that this is one of the most important items that you have to take with you. An adjustable bucket hat or flap hat are a must! If you want to match your little one, check out our matching soft cap.

3. Reusable water bottle

Your little one's sippy cup or straw bottle cannot be left behind.

4. Food

Don't forget your little one's bottles if s/he is still not weaning. Take multiple ones and also take formula with you, if you are not sure you can find the particular brand that you use where you are going. Also take some soap and brush to wash your bottle as well as sterilizing bags which could be used in a microwave. It is also advisable to take pre-packaged smooties with you and also other pre-packaged, preferably organic, food that your little one likes. This also depends whether you would have access to kitchen. Take also with you any cereals that your little one might eat for breakfast.

5. Snacks

Take with you healthy snacks or baby biscuits, not only for when you are travelling but also for the duration of your trip. If your little one is used to a particular brand and you are not able to find it, the grumbling will be a nightmare.

6. Toys

A variety of toys is needed here. Entertainment is key. Try to take the smaller ones and do not forget any particular favourite, especially if there is one which your little one sleeps with. Also take a rattle with you as this will come in handy for when you are trying to attract the attention of your baby when trying to take those Instagram pictures of them on your vacation!

7. Bibs

Don't you dare to forget to take your little ones' bibs! If you do, it is a guaranteed disaster. Take a variety of bibs, such as muslin bibs or the snap and go bibs to avoid any messy dinner sessions.

8. Care kit

Depending on how long you will be away from home, I would suggest to take with you a small care kit for your baby. This would include baby cotton buds, baby nasal aspirator, nappy rash cream, a brush and comb, nail clipper, learning tooth brush and toothpaste.

9. Utensils

Invest in a travel kit consisting of a fork and spoon which could be easily carried around.

10. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are useful both if you are going skiing or to the beach. Match with your little ones with our matching sunnies.

11. Wipes

You can never have enough wipes, especially in these COVID times. Make sure you wipe everything around your little one when you go on public transport or at a restaurant.

12. Wetbag

Another staple in your luggage has to be the wetbag. This is essential for reusable nappies, reusable swim diapers or any swimwear you might take on your summer vaca!

13. Shoes

Take a pair or two of shoes, especially if your little one is already walking. Don't forget the socks which go with them! Sandles are also a great option for summer.

14. Muslin cloths

Organic muslin cloths are always required to wipe baby's face. These are hypoallergenic, and processed without harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde or azo dyes, to ensure purity and safety for baby’s delicate skin. If going somewhere which is very hot, they could also be used to cool down your baby.

15. Reusable nappies

Take a good stash of reusable nappies with you to satisfy your baby's needs. If you have a toodler who is past nappies, perhaps you might consider taking with you a portable potty.

16. Sleeper

Your baby will be changing the place where it sleeps and thus, to make it seem more familiar to them, take with you their normal sleepers. Organic cotton sleepers with zips and feet covers are the best. Organic cotton sleepers are breathable so that they are also ideal for summer weather, especially if your airconditioning is on. Make sure you also take any sleeping bag that your little one might use.

17. Medication/vitamins

Do not forget any medication or vitimains that your little one is on. Wrap them tightly in tissues and put them in a ziplock to avoid any spillages.

18. Stroller

If you are travelling by air, many of the airlines let you travel with two extra baby pieces for free. A stroller should be one of them. This will allow you to move your baby around rather easily.

19. Carseat

The other piece of free luggage could be the carseat. If you are financially able, buy a seat for your baby and take the carseat with you on the aircraft. This will allow you to have an easier flight as the baby might fall asleep in it. Furthermore, I like to travel by car when I am abroad so a car seat is always a must for us. Renting a carseat could be a little expensive and of course, it would be used by others and not something that your child would be used to already. If travelling by public transport, try to wear your baby, in which case do not forget your favourite carrier.

Hope this little blog reduces some of your stress when you are packing to travel with your little one!

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